Friday, November 15

6-8:30 pm | Breath, Bandhas, & Drishti

Deep breathing with sound gives us body and mind control. Bandhas are internal muscular and energetic centers, that, when activated and engaged pulls our attention within. Mastery of bandhas enable us to gain strength from the inside out, which, over time, gives us complete body control. Drishti’s are gaze points to direct our attention during asana practice. In order to successfully progress in our practice, we must understand the concepts and learn how to apply them in our asana practice. But how? Spend the afternoon with Krista exploring these invaluable concepts in depth, and learn how to apply them in the asanas of primary series. Serious work and some serious fun! Suitable for all levels.

Saturday, November 16

8-10 am | Mysore

10:30-12:30 pm | Suryanamaskar

Sun Salutation in Sanskrit is Surya Namaskara. This is the beginning – the real foundation of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Ashtanga Yoga. In this session we will break down the Sun Salutations so that we can build up our full asana practice from a strong foundation. All of the series’ rest within this beginning. Let us explore, understand and appreciate the knowledge, depth and beauty of the Suraya Namaskara. Suitable for all levels.

Sunday, November 17

8-10 am | Mysore

10:30-12:30 pm | Milestones of the Primary Series

Spend the afternoon with Krista breaking down the asanas of the primary. Learn the correct form and purpose of each posture in the primary series. Students will also learn lots of tips on how to work toward mastery of some of the more difficult postures such as Marichyasana B and D, Bhujapidasana, and Supta Kurmasana. This session will help you in your efforts to master Yoga Chikitsa. Educational and eye opening for students of all levels! Will begin and end with chanting.

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