Upcoming Workshops

Feb 15-21, 2019 – Urban Yoga, Phoenix
Mar 1-4, 2019 – Involution Yoga, Delaware
Apr 5-7, 2019 – Super Yoga Palace, Dallas, TX

FRIDAY, APRIL 5TH, 2019, 6:30 PM | THE SOFTER SIDE OF ASHTANGA: rituals for cultivating a wellness lifestyle

Softness is the essence of strength… learn to honor the softness that resides within your inner fire. Spend the evening under the new moon with Krista learning about how to not only embody your practice on the mat, but off the mat in your everyday life! We’ll dive into the different vehicles that facilitate a wellness lifestyle including meditation, self-reflection/inquiry, journaling, holistic coping mechanisms, moon rituals, herbal healing and more! We’ll discuss some of Krista’s favorite wellness techniques, tips, habits and methods that she incorporates into her own life and daily practice. Krista will even show you how to brew your own kombucha! Bring pen and paper and be prepared to transform your practice AND your life, on and off of the mat. Suitable for all levels. 2 hours.

SATURDAY, APRIL 6TH, 2019,  7:30-8:45 AM | Ashtanga Led

1-3:30 PM | LEAVE YOUR EXPECTATIONS AT THE DOOR: de-mystifying the practice & leaning into the unknown

Let go of what you think you know and allow yourself to put faith and trust in your teacher and your daily yoga practice. Krista says, “Guruji always told us to practice, practice, practice and all will come.” Let’s explore this concept, this truth! If we can find safety on our yoga mat, with our yoga teacher, and ourselves, the benefits can spill into all areas of our lives. Suitable for all levels. 2 hours

SUNDAY, APRIL 7TH, 2019, 7:30 -8:45 AM | Ashtanga Led

1-3:30 PM | BBD: BREATH, BANDHAS, DRISHTI: foundations of the practice

Deep breathing with sound gives us body and mind control.

Bandhas are internal muscular and energetic centers, that, when activated and engaged pulls our attention within. Mastery of bandhas enable us to gain strength from the inside out, which, over time, gives us complete body control. Drishti’s are gaze points to direct our attention during asana practice. In order to successfully progress in our practice, we must understand the concepts and learn how to apply them in our asana practice. But how? Spend the afternoon with Krista exploring these invaluable concepts in depth, and learn how to apply them in the asanas of primary series. Serious work and some serious fun! Suitable for all levels. 2 hours

April 13-15, 2019 – The Yoga Shala, Orlando FL
The Integrity of Tensegrity: An Opposition of Forces Workshop
Saturday, April 13 – 8:00-10:00: Mysore
10:30-12:30: Opposition of Forces, Part 1
Sunday, April 14 – 8:00-10:00am: Mysore
10:15-12:15: Opposition of Forces, Part 2
Apr 19-21, 2019 – Involution Yoga in Delaware
July 13-14 – The Yoga Shala, Orlando, FL
July 26-28 – Urban Yoga, Phoenix
September 9-15 – Urban Yoga, Phoenix
September 20-22 – Super Yoga Palace, Dallas, TX
September 27-29 – The Shala, Pittsburgh
Oct 4-6 – Urban Yoga, Phoenix
Oct 11-13 – Tristana Yoga Shala, Panama
Nov 1-3 – Urban Yoga, Phoenix
Nov 8-10 – Woodley Park Yoga, Washington, DC
Nov 16-17 – The Yoga Shala, Orlando, FL