Located in the heart of Phoenix, Sweatshop on Central is made up of a community of people who have a passion for the glow of good health, functional & fashionable athletic-wear & making your fitness life more fun. We believe in investing in the true places that you live…your body & your mind.

Sweatshop on Central is a locally owned studio & shop founded by mother & daughter team, Ashley Zettler & Mary Williams. Here, you can experience variety, convenience & a welcoming atmosphere all wrapped into one super fun space.

Anusha & Richard

As an avid skier, Richard initially came to yoga in 2006 to advance his balance and range of motion. Not long after his first experiences on the mat, he realized that his yoga practice could be much more than a work out. For therapy after a hip replacement in 2013, Richard devoted his practice to Ashtanga. He seeks out the healing tranquility of linking ‘breath with movement’ with each practice. Richard is a RYT 200-hour graduate of Anahata Soul – Costa Rica under master teacher Jenn Chiarelli and practices Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. He is grateful for the teachings of his students and teachers alike and strives to honor all and especially Jenn Chiarelli, Lisa Schrempp, Scott Page, John Salisbury, and Danielle Godfrey. He believes that each practice is an opportunity to grow, whether leading or learning. His mantra is “Yoga will change you if you let it”.

Anusha Moore has been a teacher at Urban Yoga since 2010. She studied ballet for over 20 years, and initially came to yoga in 1998 to make her dancing stronger. However after taking her first yoga class, she realized that yoga offered so much more than a way to cross-train the body. The physical movement of yoga was a way to still the mind and sharpen her focus and concentration. Anusha’s daily yoga practice is Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga; a style of yoga she admits to having had a “love/hate” relationship with in the beginning. However, now after 7 consecutive years of daily study, she truly loves the Ashtanga practice, and is passionate in her quest to share the Ashtanga method with her students. Anusha received her 200-hour teacher training from At One Yoga in 2004, and completed her 300-hour certification at Dave’s Ashtanga Yoga with Dave and Cheryl Oliver in 2012. Anusha has attended numerous workshops with visiting teachers and loves to travel to study with world-renowned Ashtanga teachers such David Robson, Tim Miller, Krista Shirley and the lineage holder R. Sharath Jois. Anusha is grateful for all of her teachers especially Erika Halweil, and Monique Maxwell her very first teachers in Minnesota.

How did the mentorship come about?

In December of 2017, Anusha asked Krista to mentor the Mysore program because of Krista’s authorization from KPJAYI (Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) in Mysore, India. When Anusha and Richard decided to start their own Mysore program, they knew they would need someone to guide them. Although Anusha had been a long time practitioner and had assisted another authorized teacher, she didn’t feel confident that her teaching skills were strong enough to run her own Mysore program.

Anusha reached out to Krista because she had seen how Krista’s teaching methods are both safe and effective. As a teacher, Krista is direct and thorough, and at the same time full of love and caring for her students. Anusha wanted to learn Krista’s way of practicing Ashtanga safely, and she wanted everyone in her Urban Yoga community to experience Krista’s way as well.

Since its inception, the program has evolved from being a simple grassroots program, to one that has really taken root at Urban Yoga. Everyone  in the program is much stronger, and the teachers are more confident as a result.