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One Year More

February 17, 1990 A day I’ve often tried to forget, then remember, then forget…over and over and over through the years.  That was one of the most life- altering, mind-altering, heart-breaking, soul-crushing days I’ve experienced in my 36 years on earth.  The trajectory of my and my families life changed as a result. I formed […]

Scars To Your Beautiful

I decided to write this piece today for a lot of reasons….but the catalyst was singular… I teach Yoga to K-5th grade several days per week, in addition to my adults in many various settings.  It is challenging and immensely gratifying to work with humans at any age, but kids are something altogether special.  They […]

I AM Meditation

One of the best tools for my life is meditation.  I sit everyday anywhere from 10-60 minutes.  It centers me, helps me focus and helps me be present and connect with myself and the world around me.   One of my favorite meditation techniques is I AM meditation.  Super easy try this: Time: Start with 5 […]

My City Beautiful

I was in Juno beach last weekend teaching a workshop at Native Yoga.  Saturday evening I must have passed out around 10pm after watching a movie with my best friend Sasha.  When I woke up on Sunday morning to prepare for asana and meditation practice I had an alert on my phone asking if I […]

Appreciating The Storm

My father passed away when I was eight. My son turned six last week, and it dawned on me that he is only two years younger than I was when my father left this earth. That made me shudder. I’ve had this thought before, when Kaiden was two and again I remember when he turned […]